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On Programming

These are short articles I have written that I have not sent in to magazines, either because I couldn't think of an appropiate magazine or I didn't think they were wort the effort.

Programming for Office

Word 2000 PIAs - Strongly named PIAs for Word 2000. This has Office and Word, but not the app specific PIAs for other parts of Office.

Improving the Word Add-in Environment - What Microsoft Could do to Make Writing a Word Add-in Easier and More Solid


Bitmap Resolution - Bitmap independent method of determining the bitmap pixel size in Java


What is Needed in an Install Program - This is a discussion of the sorry state of installers today, and what features are needed to provide a decent product.

Tomcat & IIS - How to get Tomcat to work with IIS.

Programs I have Written

This is a short list of some of the programs I have written. It does not include programs like Windows 95 where I was one of many many developers.

Windward Reports

An enterprise reporting product


A firewall

Page 2 Stage

A word processor for screenwriters.

Enemy Nations

A kick-ass RTS game.

Coding War Games Problem

Write a path-finding algorithm.

Spam Away

A spam filter.